The Bern Open has ended.

Thanks to all of you to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary and to make the Bern Open 2018 such an amazing event!!

Bern Open 18

Final Ranking Bern Open 2018

Women's teams:
1. Bern Titans Lacrosse (CH)
2. Zürich Lions Lacrosse (CH)
3. Milano Baggataway Lacrosse (I)
4. Darmstadt Lacrosse (DE)
5. Hannover/Braunschweig Lacrosse (DE)
6. BSW Rebels Lacrosse (CH)

Men's teams:
1. Zürich Lions Lacrosse (CH)
2. Wettingen Wild Lacrosse (CH)
3. St.Gallen Sunnyboys Lacrosse (CH)
4. Darmstadt Lacrosse (DE)
5. Flamingos Lacrosse (DE)
6. Bern Titans Lacrosse (CH)
7. Red Hawks Lacrosse (I)  
8. Göttingen Lacrosse (DE)

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