The Bern Open has ended.

The Bern Open 2019 was such an amazing event!

Final ranking Bern Open 2019
Women's teams:
1. Wettingen (CH)
2. Bern Titans (CH)
3. Zürich Lions (CH)
4. Milano Baggataway (IT)
5. Hannover B. (DE)
6. Braine (B)
7. Wolfpack (CH)  
8. BSW Rebels (CH)

Men's teams:
1. Bern Titans (CH)
2. National team Poland (PL)
3. Zürich Lions (CH)
4. Braine (B)
5. Riga (LV)
6. Flamingos (DE)
7. Basel/Langenthal (CH)
8. Mixed Team

Julia Graf
Jan Krauss

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