trial training men
Marc Flückiger

trial training women
Nadine Schuler

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The history of lacrosse ​

Lacrosse was invented by the indigenous people of North America and Canada. They played it to pay homage to the god of war, or often to strengthen team spirit before wars against other tribes. Usually hundreds of players played against each other .

The facts of lacrosse ​

  • The field is 55m wide and 102m long ​
  • The goal is 1.83m by 1.83m ​
  • It is played with a ball made of hard rubber ​
  • The racket is called the crosse and is between 101cm and 183cm long ​
  • In the head is a web called a pocket
  • The game lasts 4x15 minutes
  • There are 10 men or 10 women on the field ​
  • Since there is a lot of physical contact in the men's game, the players wear helmets, gloves, elbow pads and abdominal protection ​
  • The women's game, on the other hand, is more technical, they only wear a face mask and sometimes goggles ​